This project is based around two main issues linking Spain with West Africa; these being Spanish industrial vessels (illegal, unreported and unregulated) fishing all along West Africa's coast, and the illegal immigration from West African countries to Spain.

The EU has paid Moroccan and Spanish boarders 800 million euros to patrol their boarders from illegal emigrants. It costs 80 thousand euros to set up a Fab Lab. The cost of human trafficking is 4000 euros per person.

Through development aid, knowledge of Fab Labs, and sustainable fishing, the project objective is to enable sustainability in Yoff, Senegal in terms of fishing and other program employment.

The design intent is to use the resources available to build a workshop that will in turn build fish farms off the coast of Yoff, and a new floating market area near the fish farms with a pathway that will be gradually built using the traditional fishing pirogues. This pathway will be connected to the workshop on land and gradually grows towards the fish farms. This will hold the new market areas, where the people of Yoff will now greet the fishermen and buy the fish.

The hope for the community of Yoff is that these workshops and fish farms will work to create sustainability and further the livelihood of the people. In tern, there will be no need for emigration to Europe.