District Cyborg - NanoArchitecture in a Mutational Environment

We constantly find ourselves questioning humanity and where do we fall in this rise of technology, this cross breeding of our complex organisms with logical mechanics, this Hybrid that is forming a transhuman culture; Cyborgs.

What about the cyborg relationship with the environment surroundings? It is now necessary to design architecture that is a mere extension of our being. A building that like, a prosthetic glove, extends our capabilities. To successfully achieve this merge is by looking at things beyond their frame, as it is only when you disassemble, analyse and then reassemble parts again in a different way, you create a new reality.

Those questions drive the design of a hospital city in a post-disaster scenario, where delivery of medical needs in a quarantined area of Milazzo is crucial. Using the non-invasive integration of Nano Electronic devices with cells to synthesis biological tissues implanted to monitor their body with real-time response, rendering them as Cyborgs.

Using this symbiotic relationship between the building and the patient (sensor-recipient), resources are delivered wirelessly in an artificial-climate controlled unit cells residing 10,000 people, forming a living Architecture.


CGI movie showing the post-disaster scenario in contaminated and quarantined Milazzo, Sicily. Developing a need for this artificial environment, a hospital, an architecture that is a mere extension of the body creating a symbiotic relationship with its patients.

You can also view the movie here:

Cyborg Architecture Concept

Conceptual drawing illustrating the architecture in merging humans, technology and the environment to deal with our constantly-changing surroundings.

Cyborg Architecture Concept

Visualising the architectural space within this Tribrid of connections.

Cyborg Architecture Concept

Visualising the space with the climate control system, using algae photo-bioreactors, as well as other considerations.

Processing Motion Sensor

In this following processing motion sensor project, I experimented with the idea of a person being connected to their environment by being a cyborg. Which was done live at the AA Jury.

Overall Artificial System

Diagram of the overall collection of systems that generate and provide necessary resources to the resident patients in terms of Sensory connection, Medical resources, Artificial Climate control, Sustainable Power, Food & Water.

DistrictCyborg Cell Section

Hospital city, in which 10,000 residents are divided into 4 cells, each of which patients are put in according to their health condition. Each cell has its own supply of resources.

DistrictCyborg Overall Cells

The four unit cells are connected together in order to function as a single unit, sharing its energy resources and creating a communal city, not just a hospital.

DistrictCyborg Interior

Interior inside Unit Cell X showing the interaction between the patients and the structure.

DistrictCyborg Interior

Interior inside Unit Cell X showing system functions.