Addicted to Pleasure - Sensational Landscapes

The Mediterranean is a sea filled with islands. Islands which during the summer put a veil of fabric along their coasts as attractors for club culture in form of tourism. The music vibrations muffled deep into the sea, and the islands become a temporary floating paradise in this aura of music, food and drinking as people hop from one island to the other. The Mediterranean welcome.

Various environmental factors such as humidity, temperature and noise levels create datascapes. This invisible architecture is what surrounds us and creates our distinct experiences, in which we share.My project is about converting these isolated experiences into landscape performance through the alteration of topography via datascapes - sensational landscapes.

Beach Party datascapes

Island catalogue

sunset to sunrise

Pag- New Ibiza Soundscapes


Sensational Visualisations

Invisible Architecture

Altered topography

Sensational Projection setup

Pag Projections