Human migration comes in the form of two different groups of people, those in search of jobs and livelihoods, and those in search of leisure and fun. Migrants and tourists offer very different purposes and outcomes in human movement, yet in essence they share a condition. Applying ideas stemming from social and cultural backgrounds, These two are analyzed and forced together in a proposed architectural movement which actively controls and regulates this social condition into a tangible construct.


The current social segregation manifested as an architectural view.

Half and Half

The Mediterranean as it is now, with the two very different sides coexisting, not acknowledging each other.


A compendium of all programmatic requirements from refugee camps of UN Habitat, to luxury hotels of the Conde Nast List.

Machine Collage

Taking all ideas or mechanization and scenarios, and allocating them strategically.


Two monumental circles, each for each demographic, in a continuous state of flux and exchange.

Programmatic Interaction

The structure is designed and planned to carry this exchange out.


The final design in plan, exploded.

Elevation and Section

Integrated drawing showing elevation section and plan in one image.


Isometric detail of structure.


Final image and impression of the concept in construct.