"The conviction that our sense of propriety and our awareness of our own mortality are intimately connected. Having sight of our own deaths, we wonder how posterity will judge us. The French philosopher Jacques Derrida believes knowledge of mortality is the ultimate thing that limits us, showing how other limits - ethical constraints - can be set up in other places. Just as death is final, so are our completed actions. Realizing their moral indelibility distinguishes the person who takes responsibility for their own freedom from the psychopath."(the Buried Soul by Timothy Taylor).

The project is looking into the relationship between a contemporary cemetery and the city and its urban life.

The proposal is hence a cemetery with a dissolved periphery condition related to the city around, weavon into the infrastructural fabric, the cityscape as well as the urban quotidian.

Urban Implant (proposal collage)

Implanted Urban Fabric into the existing urban quotidian

Form as a Field

Surface Conditions

By altering the surface conditions, different spatial conditions are formed

Ramping system

Circulation and Structure

Bridging to modify the Edge Conditions along the river banks

Structural Layouts according to circulation paths

Circulation layout

one of the main entrances

Fluctuations of Surfaces

The fluctuations of surface conditions frames the circulations within and around the proposal, as well as framing both the viewing connections between people and places inside the structure and the viewing towards the cityscape.