The project explores the relationship between street markets pedestrians as a statement of returning the public space back to the people. The project illustrate a common ground as a set for everyday life to unfold.
It responds to the condition of the sprawling scale of monolithic developments, introducing car prioritized walkway as a possibility of new ground for public.
The project introduces a transformable market space where no one can own, only time of occupancy exist.
Market as a way of dismantling hierarchical social, cultural spaces, Introducing as a involuntary point of interaction where exchange of conversation goods happens.

claiming residual space

transformative space



The project is developed through transformative spaces to fluctuates its occupancy.


gathering space that follows sprawl of the market


Market as a trigger of ,involuntary sprawl from the overpass, individual vendorsstart to claim their space and


a device to claims users occupancy


The use is primarily suggested by the form but further
manifested in the actual occupants choice of space for
gathering , playground and open school , and market, change
the space through the timeline.

occupancy claiming device

occupancy claiming device