Lost Horizon sets a regenerative model for future urban expansion in central Beijing. It reactivates the disappearing communal sensibility in an enhanced air based vertical hutong community.


A series of Lost Horizon will be deployed along the 50 demolished urban village sites.

Urban Precedent Composite

An ancient Chinese village that has inspired Lost Horizon with its ability to maintain a high level of communal sensibility.


The first prototypical urban community.

Urban Sample

The systems embedded in Lost Horizon. Communal sensibility is achieved by opportunities of multiply accessibility and multiply datum created by controlled porosity.

Spatial Order Distribution

The spatial order distribution of units within a hectare.

Operational Detail

With two air purification systems, the willingness of communal activities are not disturbed as Lost Horizon provides a protect enhanced micro-climate environment.

Environmental Assessment

A long section of the overall community illustrating the activities within Lost Horizon.

Ground Speculation

Ground Speculation of Lost Horizon.

Community Speculation

Community Speculation of Lost Horizon.