Urban Slit

When large infrastructure cuts through the city, huge impact will be made to the local community. Especially in Camden, where the line terminates at the Euston station. A line of the Euston station expansion marks out the new territory of High Speed Rail 2 project, everything within will be demolished. Homes will be destroyed, business will lose their places, school will be removed, huge area of open spaces and playground will be lost. A already isolated city becomes even more fragmented.

Question has been raised against this edge condition coursed by the line of HS2. An immediate evacuation of locals is inevitable before the HS2 arrival. Project is a counter proposal to master plan, looks into the side have been obsolete by the city and interrogate to the line of HS2 cut. A literal cut is proposed cutting though buildings, grounds, streets, exposing 1 km long slit space in the city to provide community spaces for local community. protected passages and spaces are created along the line for elderly and children connecting between building fragments . A informal network is formed within the leftover spaces in the city to prepare for the HS2 arrival and compensate the potential loss of the local community.




Spatial Testing

Building Slit



Informal Network


Informal Territory

Collaged Sections


Exhibtion - Garden - Theatre