Why the city’s public spaces are forced to be located along service infrastructure spaces?

The project is a response to the surrounding changes of Tin Pan Alley in St.Giles. Focus of the architecture is juxtaposing the distinctive communities through series of daily playful events. The cluster of old slums are reused as a frame work of mysterious corridors for lively events. "Tin Pan Alleyways” introduces new kind of urban corridors and interior giving another life to forgotten staircases, doors, and links of the city recreate alternative space for the public. New St. Giles hidden pathways with framework of with playful events for the distinctive local community as a counter proposal to ORMS’s proposal of Tin Pan Alley.

Urban Toy

City as a Playground. Annoying Cleaning Toy.

Tin Pan Alleyways

These are alternative urban corridors and interior. The project tries to re-access, re-introduce or re-invent public spaces within the city. The project claims and celebrates forgotten staircases, empty rooms, small interior, and old textures, to make a city inside buildings.

Main Model

Series of events happen daily through different time. Architecture becomes a framework and response of change of events within the space.

X-Ray of London

Learning from the group section collage. Selected sections are tilted, which gave another dimension to the sections. Two different sections collides and creates new accidental junction.

Metaphorical Model of the City

The old road disappears, and the building changes. The new road comes in, the circulation changes, and the bookshelf flips. Cafe collides with office, book falls down staircase rotates and city changes.

Section Collage Samples

Section collage samples of transport, library, and housing spaces of London.

Tin Pan Alley

With the introduction of Crossrail, the circulation of Tottenham Court Road Station is predicted to rise to between 250,000 and 400,000 daily. This significant change will make the space busy as much as Oxford Circus station.

Tilted Re-collaged Sections

Important junctions are where the tilted sections collide. Except the kept junctions, the rest are trimmed. Further from the junctions, more are erased. Collection of section samples of transport, library, and housing is introduced and intervene between erased space between junctions.

Final Tilted Sections

Tilted sections are trimmed, pasted, cut, glued, erased, and FLIPED. Re-trimmed, re-pasted, re-cut, re-glued, re-erased, and all mushed. Old becomes almost new.

Library View Night

During the day, the library act as a musical library, intervening the housings, 12 bar club, music stores, and small fashion studio. During the night, small rabbit hole just big enough for kids to sneak into the library and kids play hide and seek.