Tucked in amongst the listed terrace houses of Bloomsbury lie the city's new monuments to nostalgia. They are fragmented extensions of the British Museum, housing the bulk of the Museum's collection, 99 percent of which was formerly in storage. They are entombed in a concrete shell that keeps the traces and volume of the houses that once were.
The proposal negotiates the fictions of the British Museum and English Heritage's curation of London: fictions that the city is not removed from its past, and its objects are not removed from their origins. The stored objects are displayed in Bloomsbury, and the fragments of the houses that are demolished to make way for them are retained.
The proposal becomes a placeholder for an archive that is elsewhere, and the pieces of the listed house are kept - just in case.

The hanging Long and Thin collection

The mounted Long and Thin Collection

Party Wall

Conservation and Display

Snowshoes Exit

Textile Collection

Below Ground Entrance

Slowly Acquiring Houses

Superimposed Plan

Museum Elevation