Instrumental Learning

Responding to the unsparing line drawn on a master plan of the redevelopment of Euston Station to make way for High Speed Rail 2, the project reacts to the complexities of how this line meets the city, an instrumental learning landscape which provides spaces for community learning and housing, through cutting and exposing existing buildings or forming new urban interiors along the boundary of the station.

Proposing a literal cut through the ground and buildings, retaining and exposing the spaces concealed and designing the thickness of a 6m high retaining wall which begins to heal the cut.
Utilizing UCL’s growing archives of meteorological and astrological instruments, the edge becomes an expansion of their material library, inserting instruments of measurement, which expose the learner to their surroundings. Bringing a sense of educational identity to the city, one that explores physical learning with instruments, which engage and expose the phenomena of the everyday to the learner.

Site plan (1-1000)

Inserted instruments along retained wall

Axonometric of retained wall and inserted instruments(1:200)

Group project: site sampling collage

Testing model through collage

Cutting, revealing and inserting

Cross-section through warehouse with inserted Mural Quadrant (1:100)

Cross-section with inserted Solar Tower telescope (1:100)


Group project: Urban toy in Medellin, Colombia (Intiendo-64)