Can large scale housing development in London play a greater metropolitan role in growth of the city?

Taking municipal infrastructure & everyday city life in the form of urban episodes, an alternative to the Greater London Authority's opportunity area policy is put forward.


Through a series of episodes recorded in the Nine Elms area an attempt was made to address real civic spaces, places of everyday life, where people interact with the city structures and operations.

Episode One - Scale

Filmed at the Vauxhall Cross bus interchange over the course of a day, episode one records the spaces of the commuting and nightlife highlighting Vauxhall's duel metropolitan role within London.

Site Construct: Plan

Using the accumulation of episodes in the area, a three-dimensional model of Nine Elms was constructed. The model attempts represent the make-up of space in the area, highlighting the relationship between physical structures and the territory of the episodes.

Site Construct: Section

Taking a section through this construct, the relationship between the physical and social variables of the episodes is revealed.

Urban Plan

The proposition puts forward both episodes and infrastructure as key metropolitan aspects of the city. Rejecting the exclusion of these features existing master plan for Nine Elms, it puts forward there inclusion and re-articulation within the new development.


The reality of the Nine Elms transformation is a long period of development for the next 20 - 30 years. Accepting this, the proposal addresses how three new points of infrastructural connection: Export - Demolition Materials, Import - Construction Materials, Municipal Infrastructure - Waste, Sewage and Concrete Batching, could be incrusted into the development on site.

Municipal Infrastructure

Cutting through the fabric of the master plan, the interface of service infrastructure is reconsidered. The new ground gained in breaking the boundary of consolidated operations is made use of strategically to insert new episodes into the development area.

Cross Section

The transfer of municipal commodities - waste and aggregates - are isolated by a structure which then provides an interface to activities occurring underneath. The elevated section shelters a ground level concourse for a new bus interchange point. Display units provide passenger information and the operations corridor is mirrored to provide a service and pedestrian route on either side.

Long Section

Infrastructure is incrusted into the fabric of the new development and with it, new episodes are articulated within the master plan.

Operations and Episodes

The two points of operational connection - at the road and river - frame a central area where the everyday activities of the city pass underneath the transfer structure.

Urban Section

At the urban scale, the proposition strategically locates both operations and episodes into the new development area.