Redevelopment of Nine Elms is coming to London. We are promised new exciting heart of Central London, with prestiges residential developments, work opportunities, and New icon and even London High line in a form of Linear park.Three Embassies are coming to the site. All of it together with existing communities create complicated social structure.

What I propose is an urban intervention that allow to establish relationships between different social groups and institutions that would allow more successful public, that would consider what is prestiges for the different communities and would not be exclusive by any aspect.

KNIGHTSBRIDGE: Social structure

Prestige and insecurity for me is defined by an extra layer on top of the physical structure that reflects how the space works socially. Who is a user of the space? Who is in control of the space? What are relationships between different social groups?

DIAGRAM OF THE ZONE II: Social structures

Zone II is a mediation zone between Chinese Embassy, Private Estate Community and Council Estate Community.It creates complicated relationship between these social groups and sovereign ground.

PLAN OF THE ZONE II: Physical structures

Proposed physical structures are physical manifestations of the social structures of the zone II. It creates relationships between different communities: division, juaxtaposition, interweaving, flowing-in, dissolving, collaboration, and collision.

SECTIONS THROUGH THE ZONE II: Relationship between physical and social structures

Section I shows the flowing in relationship or how Community I access the square through green corridor.Section 2 shows the collaborative relationship through the pavilion that is a public space.Section 3 shows collision and merging on the actual square where event can take place and division and juxtoposition at the same time: chinese embassy has direct presence on the square but at the same time it is isolated from it through landscaping, physical barriers, security, and percieved barriers. Section 4 shows the interweaving relationship through intersection of the paths of everyday lifes and flowing in of the private estate community.


The Zone I is a square that provides public space that unites surrounding communities through the organiszed events and everyday activities. It is a new destination of Nine Elms and the node on the Green Corridor.


Zone I creates relationship between come private communities of Nine Elms and existing council communities. Thorugh the zone I I attempt to unite different groups through public space.


Zone III mediates USA Embassy and private communities. Sovereign grounds requir у avoidance of the possibility of collision. The actual interventions are spread all around in a smaller elements creating pockets of the public spaces.

URBAN SECTION OF NINE ELMS LANE: Relationship between zones

The zones create nodes within the master plan. Each of these nodes become a destination and loaded with the specific program. If there are limits to particular qualities on 1 square there is possibility to shift the program to the nearest zone. All together they address the master plan.

Cross-section of the Nine Elms Lane

Shows how the zones are embedded into the context of the nine Elms from Battersea Power station, Green corridor to the viaduct.


The nodes are created as a response to the social structures of Nine Elms that consider existing and coming communities. Could they become an urban technique to create more interactive and united city?