Would it be possible to experiment with the physical qualities of a city that is shifting the live realm and the overlay of production to directly challenge the limitations of the master-plan?

The projects seeks and alternative to the ambiguous commercialisation of the Nine Elms Master-plan and questions the idealistic future of the "new city". Instead of claiming a land deleting it and starting from zero it suggests a regeneration based on the sites existing urban qualites. Likewise, integrating a production route that enables civic and production spaces to appear.

[Scan 1]

A series of Trajectories (as layers) identify the particular qualities of the site from the urban scale to the live. All together form a construct of variables that demonstrates a personal version of the sites spatial reality.

[Direct Action]

Looking for the "Future City"

[Direct Action]

Marketing Suite

[Production Core Territory]

Negotiating its way parallel to the viaduct in between the sides of the NCGM and the New City.
It becomes an experiment that deals with the combination of civic and production by integrating a number of components.


Core plans

[Urban Strategy]

Urban route perimeter, network and possibilities.