Is the city subservient to the economist? As the basis for all wealth, the economic importance of land and its development has become the dominant driver in the growth of our urban realm, creating a city that is better viewed as a surface of value rather than for its urban content. As a form of agency can we isolate, speculate and manipulate “glitches” within the fabric of London’s price system as a means to articulate and orchestrate the economic landscape of London’s development.

Monitary Importance

Mayor of London Act 2008

Nine Elms Variables

The Price System

The Effects of VNEB Market Speculation

Scan 2 - London +Pineapples

London +Pineapple was an investigation into the effects of property market economics within a micro market economy. The aim was to investigate and manipulate the price and sale of Pineaples within the Nine Elms New Covent Garden Sunday Market. A fictional company called London +Pineapples was established to promote the prospect of new and better pineapples coming soon. Whilst pineapples were promoted using free samples and informational leaflets nothing was actually sold thus supply within the market remained constant.

Image 11

Physical Glitch 1.1

Social Glitch 2.3

Glitch Effects