The project substitutes the anodyne green corridor proposed by the GLA with a user's territory based on the experiences of Hannah (a local resident) and her dog Eddie. The ephemeral qualities of the city, such as smell and sound, are highlighted to inform and define each territorial experience within the park.

Territory of Hannah & Eddie: Existing User's Territory

Vauxhall is one of the rare places in London that cooperate as a strong community spirit.
The small businesses and community gardens thrive due to the support of the local community,
These characters are a result of amalgamating distinct user territory and makes the current Vauxhall special.

Ephemeral Landscape of Nine Elms

Experiencing Nine Elms and Vauxhall through eyes of Hannah - a local resident - and the nose of her dog, Eddie.
Inhabitants of a city experience the same environment through their own unique perception which are infinitely different. The model reveals the invisible landscape experienced by Hannah and Eddie.

Ephemeral Landscape of Nine Elms

A city is not only physical or visual, but includes layers of intangible experiential landscapes.

User's Territory

The project aims to adapt the idea of "user's territory" into the site of Nine Elmes Linear Park in order to replicate the existing sense of community.

Nine Elms User's Territory Masterplan

The transformation of the linear park challenges current urban proposals by developments generated through activities, conflicts and mediations. The proposal divides linear park into five sections with site specific themes.

Nine Elms Smellscapes

Nine Elms Soundscapes

Smell, Sound and Territory in Linear Park

Vauxhall City Farm by US Embassy

Vauxhall City Farm Section by US Embassy