Through the Looking Rock

The project approaches the architecture of the Unbuilt as one that does not sit in isolation, but rather holds the power of transformation. It extends its presence to construct alternate realities beyond the confines of a singular object.

It interrogates the constructed reality of the space of transition through the lens of a glass factory. The site takes us on a journey of state change, constantly evolving and working in a continuous feedback loop with the factory, through a series of physical, chemical and optical transformations.

Through the Looking Rock

Transformation of the site through its architecture

The landform is manipulated to be perceived as either natural or artificial

Glass Factory - The ultimate laboratory of state change

Subterranean factory operates at the level of seen and unseen

The factory does not occupy a given site, instead it contructs it

Glass Veil - backdrop for alternate fragmented realities

Reflective canvas of dynamic illusions

State change of the site and its architecture

Through the Looking Rock