Identity in Generic, Singapore

The project reads Singapore through its generic architecture. The notion of Generic has become a qualifier and a new ground to measure the city of Singapore, in which allows the project to put forward a proposition to argue for its architectural value and more specifically how the identity could be formed through the generic of the HDB (Housing Development Board) of Singapore.

In a Search of National Identity

Proliferation of Generic HDB

Home to 80% of its Population

The straight forward proliferation of the HDB compels the city to a language of generic that ultimately becomes the very substance of the HDB. With the perpetual change of Singapore, it remains as the only coherent and definable formal element of the city.

Qualification of Generic of the HDB

Repetition of the Common Element

Void Deck
Common Corridor
Identical Window
Vertical Shaft
Stacking of the Identical

Perpetual Reading of Generic

Generic on Generic

Urban Centre - HDB Town - Peripheral Satellite Town

Perceptual Reading of Generic

Abstraction of Ground

Against History - Against Itself - Against Sanitised Culture

Form of Intimacy

City - Neighbourhood - Individual