the city, it comes to you

the city, it comes to you

You were born here, in the city, with your back against the wall, somewhere out on that horizon, right in the thick of the neon sky. You're in the subway, feeling the wind of the approaching train, anticipating the smell of the ram packed carriage you are about to enter. The humidity of the subterranean air ...this city, it comes to you.

city as an egg model

how do you take your city ?

boiled, fried, scrambled, concentrated egg yolk ?

the city as concentrates


fridge magnet & gluttonous joe (vancouver-toronto & toronto-new york)

"The fragments constantly re-construct this city, a never ending project... revised endlessly on autocad, pinted a thousand times on 100 gram paper on an inkjet plotter. City eye-candy... The outward appearance of something as distinct from its substance. The site is a fridge door, the building is a fridge magnet."

"This city is a gigantic window display, reminiscent of the ancient times, to gather, to sell, to settle... You are the gluttonous Joe, as you walk the streets of this big shop."

mucky fingers & rendezvous gleam (newyork-melbourne & melbourne-rome)

"The shopping list can be as little as a few brick, rusty water pipes, planks of wood, bin bags, dirt on the pavement... mucky fingers. The alleys are private spaces as they facilitate conditions for naughty activities."

"It's getting dark, as the sun disappears the city illuminates, light governs the meeting points... the rendezvous gleam...
You tell her to meet you at 9pm by the fountain, to be alone with her..."

zenith and nadir & bird's moneyshot (rome-paris & paris-london)

"Steps are museums as well as vanishing points. The zenith and nadir... This city doesn't have floor levels, it sets a different relationship with the ground."

"From one part to the other, this city continues, in perspective, multiplying its repertory of images. But it has no thickness, it consists only of a face and obverse. Specific viewpoints make the money-shot vistas. In this city your viewpoint is the money-shot, as you hover in mid-air planning the longest panning shot in architectural history, you become the bird's money-shot."

endless desire & clotted veins (london-mexico city & mexico city-los angeles)

"This city is always provisional. Construction never stops. It takes such a long time so the destruction never begins. You are the lead role, watching your existence evolve and expand, replaced with certain details... Now roads have started to exist above ground, an endless desire..."

"No matter how far you go from this city, will you only pass from one limbo to another, never managing to leave it. Clotted veins enable you to involuntarily observe a part of the city for a while as you come to a halt."

bird's moneyshot model

sample of a film set model, used as a tool to stitch cities.