Time is becoming more and more physical like a wooden gate that squeaks at you every time you go beyond it; as if someone didn’t like your tweet or selfie.

Fact, in 2035, 1.2 Billion people will live and work in a different country than the one they were born in.

Bucolitch a place where the artificial and so called “natural Landscape” start to reveal its artifices and where a new nature = a new planning attitude?

A] Bucolitch builds on the observation of a new planning habit rendered possible by the excess usages of digital navigation aides.
You’re suddenly propelled into a rapid flux of information, blurring reality diminishes the experience of the immediate physical fabric.

B] Bucolitch stretches fix and loose patterns of occupation towards either other. Attempting to collide the irony of living in an artificial bucolic suburbia with a community, made from unrooted foundations forced into an unwanted truly bucolic landscape drawn more and more to a fix way of life.

C] Bucolitch’s symphony of moving screens and ground textures stretches out to re-orientates the introverted individualism of suburbia and orchestrates the loose pattern of Travellers. Bucolitch challenges the actual proposal for a 700-dwelling development which questions our conventional acceptance of static foundations.

Bucolitch_view port 1.0

Service Hedge

Plan Zoom of Bucolitch (small)

Plan Zoom of Bucolitch (small)

Airfield Fix Flux of Departure

Suburbia_view port 2.0

Stretched Grounds

Sol Lewit Planning Cruise

Competing patterns of mouvement.

Axonometric of Bucolitch

BUCOLITCH Site Strategy + DETAIL (small)

BUCOLITCH Site Strategy + DETAIL (small)

All (small)

All (small)