When you go to a national park, you have an image in your mind of what you will see; an expected picture of wild landscape. My project re-imagines a wilderness in a domestic animal-scape, set in Welwyn Garden City, a 25 minute train journey from Kings Cross.

In an anthropocene era, where nothing left is untouched by human intervention, the project questions how can the average domestic cat, horse, barn owl and koi carp generate unexpected moments; generating zones of absences in their interactions.

A matrix of domestic animal augmentations

Suburban Wilderness

Moments of wilderness occur when the behaviors of these augmented domestic animals overlap.

A study of suspension

A playful exercise suspending a subject as a way of seeing architecture in weightless states.

Peep Point

detail of a fish feeding point

Rise of the Horse-tronaut

House Float: For an astronaut, a horse and his companion cat

House for a horse-tronaut in training