Under the umbrella of a fictional headless corporation known as Green Space Industries, Nicholas Masterton from Unknown Fields Human Resources Department has outsourced his project to distributed workforces of Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, Task Rabbit and Fiver.com. For just a few cents you can give a task to the crowd of the internet and legions of cheap and willing workers from all over the world have been competing to carry out his human intelligence tasks. They have been photographing their workspace, documenting their day and recording their most intimate fears and desires. From dispersed home offices and disparate bedrooms stretching across the globe this invisible workforce has been assigned the task of constructing a film of the atomised city they all now occupy. They work alone in a team and collectively they have assembled a portrait of a new form of city, a place of nowhere and everywhere, dispersed across the earth and tied together with the fibre tendrils of the network. How do we conceive of this kind of city, can we walk its corridors and chat by the water cooler of the global outsourced office.



Chains of work spaces rearrange themselves to form the production line of the task.

Competitive Space

Workers compete in a global arena for the tasks of today.

Workspace Wall

Green Space is an embodiment of placelessness.

World of Work

Workers must capture images of their work-spaces.

Flexible Workspace

Workers find themselves working for new employers on a daily basis, sometimes they become the employers.

Meeting Room

Workers must work alone in a team, and must be seen to be seen.

Dining Hall

Workers must drop everything to complete the task at hand.


Workers commute to and from the world of work. They find out later if the work has been worthwhile.

GSi Infrastructure

Green Space is an imagining of the spatial consequences of offshore.