"Plié..Jeté..Jiàn shè!"
The Choreology Of Making

“Behind the scene of our everyday objects there’s an extra ordinary and complex, so often ignored or forgotten space; space of the movements and sounds of a well-choreographed production line. Objects are formed through a choreography of repetitive movements performed over and over again along a conveyor belt that is never turned off. Through dramatization, dance and theatre and techniques of motion capture and digital body animation. The project is exploring the space of repetitive movement of body on a microwave oven production line, re-enacting as the machine, in a form of a hidden performance by this unexpected dancer, a performance which is played out 24/7, that could be visited any time but it never is, a set of movements and pauses that results to the production of not only the object but body itself.

Plié..Jeté..Jiàn shè is aiming to reveal and represent this intricate dance performance to the audience that has forgotten it."