The collaged amphibian is a manifestation of the Somali pirates. In the conflict-affected country of Somalia, public space was charged with violence and mayhem, social space was created as a result of appropriation of existing infrastructure. Somalia's lawless state had allowed piracy to flourish along the Indian Ocean coast, the Somali coast was invaded by illegal foreign fishing and was contaminated by toxic waste disposal, as a result the fishermen banded together to protect their territorial sovereignty. Ras Hafun became a pirate hub during the peak of Somali piracy, hijacked ships were abandoned at the coast after ransoms were received. The abandoned vessels are salvaged by the ex-Somali pirates, they are taken apart, reused and recycled and assembled by the ex-pirates into a family of amphibious collaged hybrid spaces, infiltrate the everyday life of the coastal town. Without a central government, the people strive to survive by creating opportunities in their own way, the family of collaged pieces constructed by the Somali pirates is a means of expression of the people.

Hybrid Family

Hybrid I : Feast-ivity

Hybrid II : Play-ground

Hybrid III : Poet's Tree

Hybrid IV : Radio-Lighthouse

Somali Piracy Territorial Invasion

Somali Pirates Strategic Attack

Ritual : Kumbh Mela Festival

Ritual Celebration : Manifestation of the people