An intimate space of exploratory social interactions in the oversaturated environment of London, Lim strips away the urban context along with its codes of conduct. It exists at the centre of the most natural part of Hyde Park, the woods, at the threshold between the urban and the natural, between the public and the private. Acting as a space of escape, it encourages social relationships based solely on the pure interactions between people, free from the oversaturation of the city. Carefully balancing on the border between the mundane and the unexpected, Lim functions as a valve for people to release the tensions of the routine.
Spaces are constructed by contrasting abundances of light and darkness, capturing the ephemerality of the natural cycle of light within the park and using these conditions to highlight the figure in its purest form. The body is multiplied, dissolved and then ultimately suspended in the sky, the most liberating environment of them all.

Notting Hill Carnival

Development of the carnival throughout the day.

Notting Hill Carnival

Carnival crowd conditions - collective experience of the extraordinary and individual derive through the crowd.


Lim perspective view and location in Hyde Park

Hyde Park

Daily cycle of the park dictated by stark contrast between day and night. Moments of ephemeral transition at sunrise and sunset. Park use, amount of visitors and peak hours.

LIM Section

Section showing the three main areas of the building: the circular ramps gravitating around the liminal point between the two bowls - the dark bowl underneath and the sky bowl on the top.


Exploded view of ramps area showing varying widths, concentrations of people and increasing amount of intensity due to reflections.

Liminal Reflections

Dark Bowl

Open dark space where the absence of light dematerialises the physicality of the body. Gradient of light to dark within allows for a variation in privacy and amount of visibility.


One sharp beam of light directs your journey upwards, towards the light.

Sky bowl

The figure is ultimately suspended into the sky, the most disentrhalling environment of them all.