A New Archipelago

A space that could operate on its own with laws, rules and regulations, islands/plots, roads, ports and airports. Brutally emerging not as a state within a state but as an archipelago within an archipelago

In the making

Progress map of the privatisation status, last update: 30 May 2014

Surrounding and being surrounded by the original archipelago

Lost and found among a land whose nature is fragmented, within intersecting histories and cultures.

Connections and Boundaries

Required to find its way to navigate within an existing polity with established relationships and administration borders.

Disregarding the Treaty of Peace

Expropriations for military reasons while the Treaty of Peace with Italy in February 1947 states that Rhodes should be and should remain demilitarized form the plots. After a long period of retreat and inactiveness they are currently transformed and being detached by their surrounding.

Afandou plot, Rhodes

Bureaucratic Dialogue while not a single investor has shown any interest in the three consecutive tenders that have been launched the past three years.

Seashore Changes

Landsat bands combination that allows the maximum coastal clarity where 1 pixel is 30 meters reveals coastal retreat close to 1 meter per year.

Undergoing greater transformations

Proving that the plot is fragmented from within with a variety of obscurities and ambiguities that remain unsolved and are being transformed by greater forces.

Continuously in the making:

With detachments, deviations, fragmentations and appearances. A new cluster of plots threatening to obstruct the majority of the seafront access of an entire city.

Recruiting space to pay off a debt

Economic measures, financial reforms and laws and agreements between a country in debt and its creditors are measured in the project as territorial transformations, the making of a new space.