Interlocking-based Flat Pack System
One for all, all for one

This project is about interlocking-based flat pack system. An interlocking-based flat pack design is able to create spaces when required, such as an Exhibition Venue proposed on the site of Hudson Yards, New York. The proposal is based on the rhombic dodecahedra that is able tessellate three-dimensional space. The geometry's main advantage is its ability to grow diagonally, therefore not limiting to vertical and horizontal growth. With the advantages of flat packing, this material system is envisioned to deploy on site to meet the large scale and varying programmatic demands of the city. Variations within the system are generated via porosity change that maintains the same connection detail and scale change that requires an adaptor component.

A system that is one for all, all for one.

Xiao Von CHUA - Catalogue


Xiao Von CHUA - Circular_Growth

Model showing growth strategy of circular unit

Xiao Von CHUA - Porosity change

Porosity change

Xiao Von CHUA - Scale change

Scale change

Xiao Von CHUA - Cube_Perspective

Perspective view of cube-based interlocking flat pack model

Xiao Von CHUA - Final Drawing_T1 Jury_no name

Axonometric drawing of cube-based interlocking flat pack design

Xiao Von CHUA - Final Drawing_T3 Jury

Axonometric drawing of built prototype with assembly sequence

Xiao Von CHUA - 1 to 2 Prototype_1 Cluster

One cluster of prototype at scale 1 to 2

Xiao Von CHUA - 1 to 2 Prototype_Joint between clusters

Joint between clusters of prototype at scale 1 to 2

Xiao Von CHUA - Sectional Perspective_FT5_A1_3

Sectional perspective of interlocking-based flat pack system's proposal in Hudson Yards, New York