With New York looking to build towards the sky.

As a person walking through the city it is very easy to lose yourself in the high buildings and structures.

I believe that dealing with the human scale and how we experience the city can be as valuable as the buildings in the city.

The Stealth Wall project investigates how reflection can be used on one hand to bridge the gap and blend the verticality of the city back to the ground level and on the other hand to provide an interactive live space which can be used by the public.

Situated along phase 3 of the high line

The intention for this intervention is a live piece that interacts with the people, the surroundings and with the climate. Because this is not a gallery piece, it is exposed to the elements, and will have different manifestations from rain, to sun to fog. It will continuously change the way we experience it throughout different seasons.

The intervention starts humbly at the end of phase 2 / start of phase 3. with a vertical stealth wall and is extruded gradually up to 2 and ½ meters each creating an opportunity to hid the real, reveal a virtual reflection or distort your movement and perception through the space.

This Simple system allows you to create a tectonic form that is experiential. Creating an incredible effect, and opportunity to attract people’s interest to use and inhabit this space throughout the year. Its not just an object, it is a piece of art that you walk through and experience from the inside and out. It investigates that subtle line between architecture, art and the world we experience. A spatial world of form and space making which is what architecture is.


Prototype developed to test lighting effect with natural sunlight.


1:2 Scale Prototype developed in 18mm Plywood to test the gradual rotation.
A simple hinge and pin system was used to allow for easy assembly on site.


Cladding the 1:2 Prototype with 1mm Acrylic Mirror.

The proposed 1:1 scale intervention will be constructed with out of mirror polished stainless steel.

Intended as a live installation that will interact with people, the surroundings and the climate. Exposed to the elements it will continuously change the way we experience the space throughout different seasons.


The first of three. Stealth Wall prototype to be deployed along phase 3 of the Highline in New York, Manhattan.


The simple system could be used to accommodate a range of public needs from communal performance space, to a beautiful and constantly changing sheltered interior. At the core a cafe / bar to attract the community and public. The roof can be used to collect rain water and irrigate it to the greenery on the Highline.


Outdoor amphitheater and event space.


Interior infinity mirror reflection, adapting to the changing climate and time of day.


An interior View showing the gradual interior reflections and lighting conditions for noon mid June.


A sunken cafe/ night bar lowered 1 meter into the Highline. The space is intended for a 24 hour use. Artificial light will be reflected off the interior mirrors.

Blending the vertical city back to ground level

The simple system allows you to create a tectonic form that is experiential.

It creates an incredible effect and an opportunity to attract people's interest to use and inhabit this space throughout the year.

Its a Piece of art that you can walk through and experience from inside and out. Investigating the subtle line between Art, Architecture and the world we experience.