The project is set in Hudson Yards in New York, a rail yard that is being developed as part of a masterplan.
It is also where the final stage of the Highline is to be completed. Using computational tools, algorithms related to processes of branching were explored as a means to design hierarchies that relate to connectivity. During this year long process of searching for opportunities under the theme of branching, ways of articulating them to perform architecturally were investigated in a scientific manner. The result was the combination of several systems which were used to design a new ground plane for Hudson Yards. As a means to mediate between the verticality of the new towers and the flat leftover space of the site, the intervention branches off the Highline and permeates Hudson Yards. A series of modular branching surfaces create both a Highline, a Lowline and several pockets of amphitheatrical spaces in between in order to break the monotony of what would otherwise be a flat plane.