The project is about death. It looks at relationship between human and animal, culture and nature through rituals of eating and burial.

The proposal is an eco-cemetery in the middle of Hong Kong Island, where predatory birds eat human bodies as the form of burial. It celebrates death in a civilized contemporary city context, with rituals that ties people back to nature, which has long been excluded from developed cities. It adds a new catalyst to the city by bringing primitiveness and wilderness, with the intension to rebalance human and animal, culture and nature, cities and wilderness, and hoping that the reestablishment of fundamental ritual practice may offer some cure for the decadent capitalistic society, from vanity to humility.

Wildlife Trafficking

Pearl River Delta Wild Animal Smuggling Chain

Imperial Feast

Artefact Utensils - Elegant Meat Eater

Tibetan Sky Burial

Traditional Chinese Burial Ritual


Hong Kong - Sky Burial - Ritual

Ceremony view

Burial Platform View

Sky Burial Cemetery

A vertical garden structure enables constant interaction with nature and promotes different emotions along the ritual practice of sky burial.