The project relates to my obsession with the beautiful and the monstrous and how this can be applied to architecture, or even how to architecturally create something different and how to follow the social obsession of the extraordinary. The ornament is an extension to architecture and is applied to the perceptual understanding of beauty. This could therefore be correlated to the social interaction between any human.

In my project I am entering into a dialogue between a smaller object and an object within the object itself, both of which can form a large complete so-called building. Rationalising the project; the site is an abstraction of a city. The purpose of the building is to examine the mentality and interaction of the people of the trial city of HK2 with the architecture. This examines the existence and importance of a monument in a city and the influence it can apply to it.

The 4 Frames

The Section

I am arguing Beauty in architecture by using symmetry, scale and the ornament.


The physical continuity between the human, as a sculpture, and architecture has been solidified to the abstraction of an exhibition and the religion. People exist within a space.

Hedonistic Pod

This is a place for an object to be exhibited. It is a glazed pod. I call it the hedonistic pod. It has stairs to reach the level of the platform. The ornament on the top is the service passage to the inside. This is the most rational way to interpret this delicate human scaled object.

The Straircase

The ornament is scaled down. The small scale intensifies the experience, emphasising the graspable.

Upwards to the

Trial city HK2

The External Skin

This is a modular structure, ornamented to act like a filtering layer from the outside to the inside.

Chernobyl 1986

The project begins with an exploration back into history, into the disaster of Chernobyl. The case study concludes with this image that shows the creation of an innocent monster.


The book is about an event, the creation of the monster, how society has attempted to hide it and how radiation deformed the physical environment and the human body.

If a person is not accepted by society, he or she becomes an outcast like the monster made by Dr. Frankenstein.