"Within the modern society, Mankind’s pursuits for salvation have been long surpassed by the drivers of materialistic endeavours of the capitalist market. In an age of ‘More Tech Less Privacy’, digital and virtual addictions have become increasingly prevalent in a society of instant gratification and self-obsessiveness. The virtual-self has undoubtedly become more prominent and existential than the physical-self.

In an age of Big Data, records have become increasingly critical, where the understanding of people becomes the processing of binary. By examining the dichotomy between the age old data registers within the Vatican Secret Archives to the contemporary Database Marketing Servers, the following thesis exposes the hidden mechanisms behind the sacred and corporate space, encapsulating and exploiting the identities and behavioural datas of our lifelong expectancies.

Through the unholy matrimony of the religious in the Catholic Church and the corporate of the Acxiom, The Cathedral of Acxiom speculates and hybridizes the core beliefs of both parties in the consequence of architectural space and liturgical operations. A vertical narrative of sacraments elevates the soul to a closer altitude to god, relieving worshippers the burdens of endless contaminations of modern capitalist projections."

01 Entry into Baptism

02 Pearly Gates of Confirmation

03 Server Towers of Penance

04 Eternal Promises of Unction

05 Levitation to Ordination

06 Celebrations of Matrimony

07 Immersion into Eucharest

08 The Cathedral of Acxiom

08 The Cathedral of Acxiom

00 The Cathedral of Acxiom

00 The Cathedral of Acxiom