The Physical Manifestation of Bitcoin.

The icon of the Bank of England to be replaced by Bitcoin computational network.
The Bank of England as an object to be replaced by a happy landscape of production and consumption.

The architecture of a computational network

Bitcoin Headquarter proposal

The proposal suggests a replacement of the Bank of England icon by a Bitcoin network, leading to a replacement of the bank's building by a Bitcoin landscape of fun and trading activities.

Happy imprisonment

A study of Happy imprisonment and Labyrinth typology inspired by Peter Ree's lecture at the AA, the chief planning officer of City of London.

To do successful business, we need to make it fun!

The Bank of England's existing space syntax

The study of spatial relationship and hierarchy in the Bank of England

Syntax techniques

Space syntax technique is used as a way to speculate and design the complex network of space.

The party landscape of Bitcoin

Designed to engaged its courtiers like a computer games with different levels, cheat codes and excitements.

Level 0 plan

Level -1 plan


The end

"If an eternal traveler were to cross it in any direction, after centuries he would see that the same volumes were repeated in the same disorder. My solitude is gladden by this elegant hope."Jorge Luis Borges