How can Architecture support Rumour Spreading?

I am interested in how architecture can support rumour spreading in Istanbul.

Rumours are a sharing of fictional information that expresses true intent and needs of a community. It often aims fills a knowledge gap through informal social communications.

Turkey has the most imprisoned journalists in the word and the governments' control on the media and amount of information reaching the people is increasing. Therefore a 'knowledge gap' is being created due to the true events not being distributed to the people.

Çamlıca park Masterplan is a design for a new park on the tallest hill in Istanbul which support rumour spreading in an attempt to prevent the arising knowledge gap.

The park consists of a series of buildings that exist as a network of social condensing spaces. It encourages social interactions and unprecedented sub-events to support the main event of Rumour spreading.

In order to translate rumour distribution channels into Architecture, there is an over laying of programs and framework for programmatic density and void which respond to particular types of information distribution, such as poster media or a performance.